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I started guiding individuals the Medical Medium protocol , starting  fall of  2021 because I wanted to share with the world what I had learned about the power of living foods. I had a story of my own that led me to this mission .. I was diagnosed with an illness a few months after my mother passed away from cancer.


 Being my mother’s caretaker I experienced chronic stress on a daily basis, but I felt I was physically and mentally strong while I was caring for her. Months after her passing my body broke down. I started to feel all kinds of symptoms like chronic fatigue, body pain, and brain fog. I didn’t want to go about my diagnosis the traditional western way so I sought out all the alternatives. I studied by reading all writings that mastered in the field of alternative healing with foods and herbs. 


Anthony Williams aka medical medium was one of the masters I followed and studied. I began his protocols and it did take me weeks to start a cleanse even after reading every book he has written and listened to every podcast. Doing it on my own took some time to adjust but I finally 

started my first cleanse toward healing. Quite shortly after a number of cleanses 90 percent of my symptoms disappeared. I was so happy and thrilled !! This motivated me more than ever to share all this knowledge. But knowing how long it took me to get started into cleansing the right way and understanding concepts of healing foods and the body systems. I decided the best way to spread this information is to help guide the program for others.

Today, I guide a group every month, we achieved many healing stories I am so proud of. I can’t wait for this community to grow and thrive wellness. My goal is that the millions of people cleanse once a month. I believe once the human race has this consciousness we can be free of any disease.

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