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Woww !!!!!!!!!!!
That’s how I feel after the 4 days of Metal Detox. Vered is so present and supportive along the way it made a huge impact on my understanding and empowered me to change from withIN. I feel so clear, full of energy, less inflamed and lighter.

Thank you Vered and Clean and Free Guide for your contribution to humanity by spreading all your knowledge and passion to help others heal. This is a gift and I feel so grateful and blessed.

Cotty C, Israel 

I was so positive and full of energy during the cleanse. Body pain reduced, lost about 6-7 pounds. The clarity was the beat part. I was never hungry bc the fruit amd veggies were filling. During vacation I fell off the wagon after 4 days and found myself- moody , constipated amd bloated. Eating healthy is really the key to a happy life. Vered - having you guide us and teach us all your knowledge was the best thing I ever did for myself. Your recipes and motivation kept me going. I would do it all over again. Actually - I’m ready to start another one- just let me know the date amd I am in.

Julie A, Miami FL 

After a bad food infection and years of Keto, my body was crying for help. My liver enzyme were really high so I had to make a significant change. I decided to try the 365 orignal cleanse, my first cleanse ever. It was such a wonderful experience thanks to Vered, who was here throughout the full process. She was guiding me and encouraging me. Also, she was a true support, always asking how I was feeling. The cleanse itself is very enjoyable. I made some delicious dishes and didn’t feel hungry (for most part😄). I was full of energy with a clear mind. Best feeling! But the most impressive part is the after. My liver enzyme went down by HALF! I also lost 8lbs and my stomach never looked so flat. Also, this cleanse really teaches you how to eat and especially what to avoid and why. It really changed my eating habits. Thanks for everything Vered and Clean and Free Guide ❤️

Alexia, 32, Miami Beach



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