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The 4 day Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse by Medical Medium, Anthony Williams is a guided group cleanse in which we will be detoxing Toxic Heavy Metals from hard to reach areas in the body. We wil be using MM method of Natural Binders from fruits and Vegtables. In this Cleanse you will experience energy and clarity quickly. Those who experience brain fog, skin rashes, and neurological issues should join this cleanse and receive the right information on how to remove toxic heavy metals from the body gently and safely. Join today for this incrediable experience in healing. 

4 day Heavy Metal Detox Cleanse By MM

  • Once commiting to a cleanse of detox your mind and body will begin your journey. Unfortunalty if you discontinue during your journey with us or you fail join your payment will not be refunded nor can it be exchanged. 

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